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These terms and conditions apply to all of the services Swim Acceleration School offers. Please

read these terms and conditions carefully before booking lessons with Us.

By booking lessons, You will be deemed to have agreed to be legally bound by these terms and

conditions. Words which begin with a capital letter have a specific meaning which is set out in the

A glossary at the end of these terms and conditions.


1.1 You are responsible for giving up to date health or any other relevant swimmer’s


when You complete the registration form to book lessons. You are also responsible for providing

us with details of any changes in the Child’s health and, in particular, for notifying the SA

Instructor if Your Child has had any signs of illness, injuries or taken any type of medication in the

twenty-four (24) hours before a lesson.

The SA Instructor can only be responsible for swimmers during their scheduled lesson. The lesson

begins when the Instructor takes charge of the swimmer from You, or the adult accompanying

Your Child to the lesson until the lesson finishes and the swimmer returns them to their parent or

guardian. 1.3- You or the adult accompanying Your Child are fully responsible for their own safety

and the safety of any other child who is with them at all times and for the safety of Your Child at all

times outside the scheduled lesson.

You are required to adhere to any health and safety rules imposed by the Pavilion Club

management where the lesson takes place and are responsible for ensuring that anybody

accompanying You adheres to those rules.

Health and Safety and Hygiene Rules:

● Please make sure that you the swimmer/or your child the swimmer has not eaten any less

then 30 minutes before the lesson.

● No mobile phones or any digital devices to be used on the poolside.

● No video recording or pictures during the lessons.

● You must use the toilet and shower before getting into the pool.

● No outdoor shoes to be worn on the poolside.

● No running on the poolside.

● No diving.

● No bombing.

● No food and drink to be consumed on the poolside or in the changing room areas.

● It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the good behaviour of their children whilst waiting for

lessons and after the lesson.

● Please be prompt in collecting your child after their lesson as the instructor may have another

class to teach and will not be able to take responsibility for your child's safety after the lesson.

I give/do not permit for my child to be involved in any publicity for promotional and

educational materials including photos or video footage during activities at the Pavilion Club.

1.5 For the Health & Safety of the children we ask that you do not distract or try to have a

conversation with the SA instructors whilst the lessons is in progress. If you need to speak with

your instructor then send a message to


2.1 All bookings will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

2.2 Members of The Pavilion Club get a discount on all swim courses and get

priority booking on availability. To request a discount please email us your Membership Number.

2.3 All lessons should be booked term by term and must be paid for in full before the start of

the course.

2.4 We accept the following booking types:



A. Lessons are booked in advance for the whole term with a fixed day and time.

B. Where lessons are started after the term has begun, fees will be charged on a ‘pro-rata’ basis,

but we do not accept bookings for part of a term only.


A. A single lesson is booked with a fixed day and time.


A: An intensive course of up to five consecutive days held during half-term breaks, school

holidays or upon request.

2.5 We will not refund any fee paid if Your Child misses a lesson for any reason except related

to a COVID-19 related incident after it is booked. We will try to accommodate any request to

change the date and time of a term package, one-off lesson, or crash course, subject to payment

of any increase in lesson fees since the date of your original booking and to payment of an

additional administration charge equal to 15% of the fees for the remaining lessons of your



3.1 Bookings are made only through SA Admin Manager via email

3.2 When you confirm the time and dates for your course booking we will email you all course

and Payment details.

3.3 Bookings are only confirmed once the payment has been received. You will always be

provided with a confirmation of your booking via email.

3.4 Monthly Payment Plan for Term Package: You can set up a monthly payment plan via our

recurring payment system with just 3% transactions charge will be added to the total cost of the

term course.

3.5 If the payment of a Term Package is not received before the Priority

Booking deadline date mentioned in our communication via email, text or telephone, we can no

longer reserve your slot in the next Term and will make it available for our waiting list students.


3.6 Except as stated in paragraphs 5.1 and 6.3 of these terms and conditions, all fees are non-




4.1 All payments must be done via bank transfer to Swim Acceleration Limited account 14

days before the start of the course or via our “GoCardless” online payment system.

4.2 For bank transfers payments made 48 hours before your scheduled lesson or 2 workings

days before your scheduled lesson or proof of your payment should be provided by email to and possibly could be asked to provide to the Instructor on your

scheduled lesson day.

4.3 We reserve the right to not deliver a lesson if You are unable to show proof of payment. In

such an event we may not offer a lesson credit.

4.4 Failure to make any due payment we retain the right to charge an administration charge

equal to 15% of the fees payable.

4.5 We are not accepting Childcare vouchers at the moment.


5.1 If You provide Us with written evidence from Your Child’s doctor that Your Child is unable

to attend swimming lessons for a minimum of six (6) weeks, we will either

A. refund a pro-rata amount in respect of all fees paid for lessons starting at least twenty-four (24)

hours after You provide the evidence; or

B. postpone Your Child’s attendance at lessons for a maximum period of six (6) weeks.

5.2 Any refund will be subject to an administration charge of 15% of the fees for the term


5.3 An authorised refund typically takes ten (10) to fourteen (14) Working Days to process.

5.4 If You choose to postpone lessons, You cannot subsequently ask for a refund.

5.5 When You have booked lessons for a Term, but such lessons have been postponed in

accordance with this provision, the remainder of the lessons in that Term will be cancelled, and no

space will be held for the subsequent Term(s).


5.6 Postponed lessons must be used within six (6) months from the first postponed lesson. It

is Your responsibility to ensure that the lessons are used. The fees paid for lessons not used

within this six (6) month period shall be forfeited and cannot be refunded.



A. Term dates can be found on Our website and on the email that

You will receive it during the re-enrolment period.

B. Term dates may not always coincide with Your Child’s school term dates and we are unable to

replace lessons missed as a result.


A. Where a student progresses beyond the class standard set by the Instructor, they may be

required to switch classes. We may not be able to offer the same day, time, or Instructor.

B. All our Instructors are fully qualified and experienced and highly motivated to give all the

knowledge and support needed to accelerate the learning of new swimming skills during every single

the lesson however student's progress as part of any class or course is not guaranteed.


A. We will do our best to ensure that lessons take place at the agreed place, date, and time with

Your Child’s Instructor, but we reserve the right to change the date, time or the Instructor or to

cancel a lesson due to reasons beyond our control. Those reasons may include (but are not

limited to):

● Your Child’s Instructor being unavailable due to illness or other reasons;

● Our Instructor being of the opinion that Your Child is suffering from an illness or injury or

receiving medication which may make it unsafe for Your Child to participate in the lesson;

● The pool being unavailable or unfit for the use for any reason;

● Government restrictions (such as those imposed during the COVD-19 pandemic).

B. If we are forced to change or cancel a lesson, we will do our best to notify You as soon as

possible and let You know about any alternative arrangements.

C. If the alternative arrangements are not suitable for You or Your Child, or if we are forced to

cancel a lesson, we will issue You with a lesson credit that can be used during the current term

or the next available term’s fees. If You do not re-enrol for the next term, we will refund an amount

equal to the lesson credit.

D. Your lessons credit can be used for all available services including Holiday Intensive Courses,

One-off Lessons as well as Private Adults Lessons Courses.

E.  ADULT lessons:  Except in the case of the swimmer being COVID positive or needing to isolate following being with someone who has become COVID positive, notice of cancellation of a private lesson within 48 hours of that lesson starting will result in the full fee being charged, unless Swim Acceleration is able to find a replacement customer for the slot you have cancelled.  

F.  PRIVATE POOL LESSONS:  Except in the case of the swimmer being COVID positive or needing to isolate following being with someone who has become COVID positive, notice of cancellation of a lesson in a private pool within 48 hours of that lesson starting will result in the full fee being charged, unless Swim Acceleration is able to find a replacement customer for the slot you have cancelled.  

G:  All lesson packages purchased for Adult lessons should be used within 6 months of purchase.  


A. Where we cannot find a suitable match of swimmers for 3:1 lessons (three swimmers with one

Instructor) or 2:1 lesson (two swimmers with one Instructor) by approximately the second week of

the term, we reserve the right to provide You with a suitable alternative lesson and give You notice in



We will handle any personal data which we hold about You or Your Child by our

privacy policy, which is available at


We can terminate this agreement by giving You written notice for any of the following reasons:

A. Your failure to provide Us with accurate health information about Your Child;

B. Your failure to make any payment to Us when it is due.

C. Your failure to comply with the general rules of the pool premises or health and safety

regulations. Failing to comply with the rules and regulations would not qualify you for the refund of

any remaining lessons and we will not be able to re-book you for any future courses.

D. You breaching these terms.


We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions by sending You either an updated

version, or a notification of minor changes.


In these Terms and Conditions: “Instructor”

“We”, “Us”, “Our”

“You”, “Your” “Your Child”


means the individual swimming instructor in charge of a lesson refers to Swim Acceleration

Limited or (where appropriate) to Our Instructor refers to the person entering into this contract

means the individual child who will be attending the swimming lessons.

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