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Swimming lessons for Adults

Lessons for all levels and swimming ability are available 7 days a week.  Join our Private Swimming lessons for Adults at the Pavilion Club, Molesey KT8 9DX

Swim Acceleration coaching team offer a private adult swimming lesson courses suitable for all levels from complete beginners to swimmers who are willing to take part and improve results on triathlons and other swimming events. 
Each swimming lesson course is especially tailor made to the individual needs & abilities of the swimmer and scheduled at a convenient time.

New swimmers sharing their stories after 
completing our
Swimming Lessons Courses for Adults and proves that its never too late learn to swim well!

Several years ago I decided to improve my swimming.

From scary lessons at school, when we had to jump into the water, and holidays, where I would half-heartedly swim ten or twenty strokes keeping within my depth, I progressed to a variety of pools and lessons, some of which were more helpful than others. I decided to have regular lessons, and met Vladimir who was able to assist me in the pool to gain confidence and experience the buoyancy of water.

He has incredible patience and, while allowing me to work at my own pace, has broken down the elements of swimming into small steps and found a great variety of ways to extend my abilities and get me to achieve more than I thought possible. I have found it very useful to jot down new techniques and put them into practice between lessons to consolidate them and incorporate them into my strokes.

Having also watched Vlad teaching children, I can say that he is a brilliant teacher for all ages. I continue to enjoy my lessons and would recommend him to anyone. Vlad is a very sympathetic and encouraging teacher who can really appreciate your difficulties and coax you into ever-increasing improvements.


Jo Marmoe

I booked swimming lessons to prove to myself that I would never be able to swim but amazingly firstly I learned to put my face underwater, something I have never ever been able to do.

Then I achieved and enjoyed learning the front crawl and breathing technique all due to Vladimirs excellent tuition.

I simply cannot believe it.

A skill I will use for ever.


Georgina Weston

As I approach the last of my swim lessons tomorrow, I wanted to write and thank you for your kindness and patience during my sessions and I hope that you will forward this email to anyone who is thinking of having some lessons with you.

Growing up in Malta and surrounded by beaches, I have always swum. But I have never been able to crawl, never been taught, and have always admired the “crawlers” in the pool at the Pavilion. Then, one day I saw you teaching a lesson in the pool and thought that this was what I needed. So, at the age of 65, with the words, “never too late to learn” in my mind, I signed up with you! And I have been so pleased with my progress. You have taught me the technique with patience and understanding and I now feel confident with this style and continue to work on perfecting it.

Thank you Vlad.

With my best wishes,


Linda Turner 

Hi ,
I would like to offer my testimonial;

I plucked up the courage to contact Swim Acceleration after Vladimir was recommended to me by the Team on reception at the Pavilion, who had all heard great things about his ability to teach adults as well as Children.

My very first conversation with him put me as ease as he was so understanding and flexible.

I decided to take the 10 lesson course and started in Oct/Nov 2014. You know how it is when you start something new that is out of your comfort zone? - you need to continue with the momentum or you are likely to stop ?.. well Vlad just didn't let that happen and was able to fit my next lesson in ASAP. There was a break over the Xmas period and we got straight back into it in the new year.

He was very encouraging and patient. A very natural teacher, calm and assertive. He empathised with my phobia, he recommended some research reading and utube and then during the lessons he just broke things down into little manageable steps; i.e. floating, breathing etc, explaining and demonstrating as we went along, so that I could relax and believe in myself. 

The 10 lessons quickly came to an end at which point I was just a few strokes short of the length of the pool in Front crawl.

I practise as often as possible and look forward so much to getting into the pool; something I never used to do!. Swimming is now part of my fitness regime and I'm doing many lengths and sometimes spending up to 40 minutes in the pool.

I am looking forward to this summer especially jumping in the pool with my son on holiday .ooh dare I?. I think I just might! 

Huge thanks to Vladimir and good luck to any adults taking the plunge, Go on do it, you wont regret it!

Katie O x ​

“Swim Acceleration Coach Vladimir is very patient, and listens to what you want to achieve. I’d been swimming regularly for years when I developed a hip problem and was

advised not to use breast stroke, so I wanted to learn strokes which would enable me to keep doing what I enjoyed.

Vlad gave me lots of ideas, and much to my surprise I can now swim front crawl with confidence.

You’re never too old to learn,

and my next target is to swim front crawl in the London Olympic pool.

Thanks Vlad.



Anna Cronin

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